It goes without saying, you need to clean your makeup brushes regularly. There’s nothing pretty about bacteria in your makeup and on your face. There are two easy methods – spraying with alcohol and washing with shampoo.

Makeup artists have stringent brush cleaning routines, but you don’t need to be as strict with your personal brushes. If you use your brushes every day you should be giving them a deep cleanse weekly. But I know life gets in the way, so please aim for once or twice a month and quick alcohol cleansing in between.

I usually use The Pro Hygiene Collection for keeping my brushes clean but it appears to be sold out at the moment. Beauty So Clean and Cinema Secrets also respected for their hygiene products.


This method is used for a quick cleanse between washes. It’s particularly useful if you want to use the same brush for different shades of makeup (for example, you want to use the same brush for a champagne eyeshadow and a dark brown eyeshadow). Makeup artists use this method to keep brushes clean between clients.

You will need an alcohol spray designed for brushes and some kitchen paper (a towel you don’t mind staining would work too). You can spray the bristles directly but I prefer to spray the paper. Simply swirl the brush in the alcohol until it’s clean. It’ll take about a minute to dry thoroughly.


This method gives brushes a really deep clean. There are lots of antibacterial brush shampoos and cleansing bars on the market. A mild hair shampoo, such as Dr Bronner or baby shampoo are okay to use too. I would also recommend buying a silicone brush pad (you can find them for a few pounds in Primark or bargain shops).

How to:

  • Sanitise your sink area
  • Pour shampoo into a pot
  • Dip the bristles into the shampoo (or swirl if you’re using a bar)
  • Swirl the brush on the brush pad (or palm of your hand) until it’s clean
  • Rinse with the brush pointing downwards until the water runs clear (don’t allow water to run into the ferrule)
  • Gently squeeze excess water
  • Place on a flat surface with the brush head hanging over the edge
  • Leave to dry overnight.


I’ve filmed a video to accompany this blog post, you can watch it on my IGTV.

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